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November 2017

Dear Patients;

It is with much hesitation that I am writing this letter concerning my decision to gradually close my office after 35 years in medical practice. Several events have led to this decision. Our clinic building has been sold and we have been informed that we must vacate the building by April 1, 2018. Too short a time but we are doing our best. As a group the dynamics have changed with the retirement of one physician and the decision of another to change his practice set-up.

None of this negates the absolutely fabulous medical practice I have had at Hillside. Family medicine is a truly unique and privileged profession. At Hillside we have had a wonderful opportunity to deliver medicine in a caring manner and often with a healthy dose of laughter. So many laughs, cries, upsets, challenges. To have a patient whom I took care of as a young child later bring me her baby to care for is a unique experience.
To every one of you I say thank you for enriching my life and reaffirming what I have always believed, that practicing medicine is a golden opportunity to connect with people in a positive way, (and perhaps saving a few lives as well). And rest assured, there are many wonderful doctors out there working hard to provide the best of care to their patients.

Wishing each and every one of you the best of health and happiness.

Debbie Josephson, M.D.

Please refer to the transition letter below-


Dear Patients;

So, in dealing with this change I will do my best to accommodate my patients at this time of transition. A few points;
• Those of you already booked for appointments will have that appointment honored. If it is booked after April 1st , when we have to leave, I may be able to reschedule you earlier; if not then at my new temporary location. Please wait for the secretaries to be in touch about appointment changes.
• If you need to make a follow-up appointment with me for 2018, I will try to see as many of you as possible at Hillside until April 1st or if needed appointments will be booked at my new location.
• Under medicare we work on a registered patient basis. When you find a new doctor you will be required to sign with that doctor which automatically deregisters you from me. Thus your care is in the hands of the new physician and I will no longer be able to follow you.
• If you require any information in your chart, a short summary will be provided with a copy of your latest test results and any other significant information. There will be a nominal fee, usually of $20, to prepare a copy. Chart information can be scanned, faxed, or picked up as a paper copy (preferred method). Details will be on the website. For many of you your vaccination record and a list of any medications (which can also be produced by the pharmacist) are what’s most important. Remember that many of your blood test results and radiology reports are now available to another physician through the DSQ (dossier santé de Québec).

• We are required to keep an original medical file for 5-7 years. In future, information on the location of the medical files will be either on the website (hillsidefamilymed.ca) or registered with the College des Médecins du Québec
• I will provide an email address to contact me after the move. I ask that it be used judiciously, primarily to inform me if you need a copy of your chart.
• As I am still in the process of finding temporary space, please check our website regularly for important updates. The website will be kept going even after April 1st to keep you informed.
• I am working on a list of clinics/doctors who are taking new patients. This will be updated on the website. Many of you will also be able to find a family physician through family and friends.

I will be providing all this information and more on the website. As our secretaries will be very busy, please use the website as the initial point of information.

Lastly, I will be happy to hear from any of you re comments, questions or just a quick hello.

Thank you for your understanding. I wish you all a healthy and merry holiday.

Debbie Josephson, M.D.